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Ever notice how you sometimes tend to let things go? Something comes up, whether you wanted it to or not, something that you don't normally have to deal with... Say, trying to buy a house, for example. Most of your energy goes to that one thing and all the little things go by the wayside.

I really need to do things like take in dry cleaning and get my freakin' computer fixed. Maybe get a haircut (it's only been 3 months). Return an ill-fitting pair of pajama pants. Buy a cell phone that works. The thing that's driving me most crazy, though, is the computer.

If it were fixed I could share with you how cool this hotel is. I'm in our great state capitol. I didn't early vote. I know, add it to the list. And I'm not going to be home tomorrow. I'll be here. You think they'd let me vote anyway? Cut out the middle man? I don't think I'd vote for the current governor so I doubt he'd let me sneak in a vote in the wrong county. I don't know who I hope wins. I'd just like a change of scenery here in Austin. Yes, I'm a bad Ag.

Anyway, this hotel is really nice. Stunning, actually. It was built in 1886. The first inaugural ball held here was for Sul Ross when he became governor. (Does that cancel out the previous bad Ag comment?) Later, in 1934, a young politician named Lyndon Johnson met his future wife, Lady Bird, for their first date in the dining room for breakfast. He went on to await election results here at the hotel...for Senate, for Vice President (with JFK here with him), for Presidential re-election. Other politicians who stayed here and/or held their inaugural balls here include William P. Hobby, Ma Ferguson, John Connally, Ann Richards, Bill Clinton, and George W. How fitting that I'm staying here on election eve. Makes it feel even more grand.

Maybe once the computer gets fixed I'll just put up a giant picture post to catch you up on all the exciting photo ops I've had over the last few months. Wait with bated breath...


katielady said…
Yes, the Driskil is an institution. Nice place, you got some nice digs there! Be sure to go get a margarita at the Iron Cactus down the street. Or head up Congress St. to Hickory Street Bar and Grill. Fantastic stuff. So jealous.
tigger said…
I've always loved the Driskill. When I win the lottery, that's where I'm staying when I go to Austin to claim my money. =)
Cheryl said…
I guess staying at an historic hotel makes up for not voting. Somewhat. I just came from voting and so feel self-righteous. Come to think of it, it's the easiest thing to actually do and get that fun self-righteous feeling. Too bad you can't vote more often.
I hate it when I let things go--especially around the house. Then I feel like I'm surrounded in chaos.

But a crappy compueter? Oh lord how do you even manage to get out of bed in the morning?? We are so hopelessly addicted to ours it pains me to think of it breaking.
cph said…
OMG! "stunning" was the perfect word to describe that hotel! i hope i get a site in Austin.

Cheryl- I never thought of it that way. you're so right!

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