Topeka's version of "cattywampus."


Anonymous said…
I love it...I think it will have to be added to the vocabulary, right next to "bizarre"
he he
Anonymous said…
What does cattywampus mean? Is it a South Texas thing?
cjm said…
Cattywampus is like "askew" or "in disarray." But more fun.
Editor in Chief said…
I know both those terms, and love to use them up here with the Yankees! They look at me funny. Then I have to remind them that they call a purse a 'pocket-book.' Which really comes out sounding like pockabook, because of the terrible Long Island accents. I tell them their terminology is all cattywampus.

BTW, it's not a South Texas thing, I grew up in the Panhandle, and my mother uses it a lot. It is very useful, and much more colorful and entertaining an adjective to use than just saying 'things are all effed up.'

'Things are all cattywampus around here!'
wendy bird said…
My friend says wompy all the time. And it is sort-of rubbing off on me.

She lives in California. Wonder if that is a colquilism...
Things are definitely all cattywampus around here! And a little whomperjawed.

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