You want to know what I did this morning?

I cooked breakfast.

You want to know where?

In my kitchen. In my house.

You want to know what I used?

My pan. And my toaster. And my utensils.

Either this medication I'm taking to battle the sinus congestion (yet again) is making me loopy or I'm happy. See, it really is the little things... Not only because they themselves are pretty cool but because sometimes they represent years of hard work and sacrifice.


Bubba's Sis said…
If you had a Mickey toaster like mine you'd be REALLY happy! ;-)
samantha jo campen said…

Yeah for you:-)
StaceyG said…
I call those "peak moments." May you have tons of them in 2007!
cph said…
you don't know how happy it makes me to "hear" you say that you're happy! i don't think it's the meds.

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