If you're interested in some good self-care information, go to Tigger's (aka StacyG) site. If you'd like to read my experience from yesterday regarding taking it too far, read below.

I boarded the plane to come back home and sat in front of Self-important Guy. Here's what made me come to this conclusion:
  1. He was talking on his cell phone. Not uncommon while boarding planes. I realize people have terrible cell phone etiquette. Is there a Miss Manners book on that yet? But this guy was talking on speaker phone. It appeared that he was on some sort of conference call so you not only got to hear him talking loudly but also some of his employees.
  2. It appeared that he was high up in his company (it could have even been his company). He was traveling with a lowly employee to whom he said, "I want two pillows. Tell her to get us two pillows." And...
  3. "If they come around handing out peanuts and you don't want all of yours, I'll take them." To which the lowly guy said, "Why don't we just ask for extra peanuts?"

It was all in the manner and tone. I have had strangers ask if I wanted to trade my M&Ms for their carrots. (Uh, no.) And even though they were strangers, we were eating together. The "meal" had already been served and it didn't appear that I was eating my candy (which I save for last because it's dessert, duh). I have had people ask if I could do numerous other things for them while on planes (switch seats, use my blanket, help with a bag, etc.) and I'll gladly do it. Why? Because they ask, not demand.

I think StacyG's on to something with this self-care business. I certainly don't do enough of it myself. I encourage you to head her way and put a little thought into what she's posting. Just remember your manners. Putting yourself first doesn't mean you have to do it to the detriment of others.


katielady said…
Ugh, I HATE guys like that.

And I will say that you become very aware of those around you and the space you share with them when in NYC. I make a conscious effort to pay attention on the train and scoot over if it looks like there is crowding by the door. Because that's the way it works. However, most NYers take it too far and become so self-absorbed that they are oblivious to those around them and are certainly not going to get out of your way. Hmph.

There. End rant. What did you do to Self-Important Guy?
cjh said…
I napped. Take that, Self-Important Guy...
StaceyG said…
You make a really good point about asking. So many people want something like to borrow a pillow, but instead of asking, they just sit there and wish they had that pillow.

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