6 days

So it's been almost a week since I last wrote. Thing is, I don't have a lot of coherent things to say. Another braindump it is.
  • There are some active little squirrels around my yard today.
  • In other wildlife news, I had two raccoons walk across my porch while I was watching tv the other night. One just looked in at me. Freaked me out a little.
  • Something (maybe them) have been digging in my newly weed-free (mostly) front bed. Hey, whatever. Just don't eat any new plants (if I ever get around to planting them).
  • I am now planning on visiting one of my good high school friends when we go to DC in December. Yea! I haven't seen her or her husband since they got married in 2000. Is that right?! Crazy. Also get to meet their daughter.
  • Even though my schedule this week has been slightly better than expected (because I rearranged some things), it's still been nuts. That said, I was very happy to get home at 9:15 last night instead of 11:30. It was only a 16-hour day.
  • When I'm not working or reading on the plane, I get lots of thinking done. Or planning. Last night I was very excited about several little projects I'd like to do around the house. Really just two more big ones and then it's just little crafty things. Woohoo.
  • I'm also excited to have a Christmas card plan. It seems like I get inspired by certain designs or color schemes and that gets thrown up all over everything I do for awhile. If you know my Ugly Bathroom plan, you'll have a hint at the Christmas cards...
  • Also on the plane...I can't believe The Boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. That things have worked out pretty well even given my crazy work schedule.
  • And because of that crazy work schedule, I've realized that each week I try to cram 7 days worth of living into about 4.
  • I'm looking forward to transitioning out of this job one day although it will be sad to not have a seemingly endless supply of free flights and hotel nights.


Bubba's Sis said…
Lots of squirrels around here today, too - eating all the birdseed out of my birdfeeders!

Has it been a year with The Boyfriend already?? Wow! Congrats! Time flies when you're in love, doesn't it?
cjh said…
Yeah, it was a year with The Boyfriend in August.
Patois said…
Okay, you've been "gone" for about a week in blogging-time. But you only just remembered to tell us it's been a year with The Boyfriend three months later?
cjh said…
No way...I told y'all in August. Grape stomping, remember?

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