slice o' weekend life

I was actually out of town on Friday so my weekend got started a little later than usual. I made it home in time to veg in front of the tv and catch up on the week's shows and a few home improvement programs.

Saturday morning I woke up early and did a little work and then worked in the yard for awhile. I decided I really needed to pot a few pansies so I made a quick Home Depot run. The porch looks a bit more seasonal now. And I'm knocking out those weeds. I tell ya, I'm motivated this season. This place is going to look good inside and out.

Visited briefly with The Brother and SIL. Found out that one of the SIL's friends has breast cancer. At 30. Sheesh. I sincerely hope things work out for her.

Then a quick trip to the scrapbooking store for paper for a project I wanted to try. While I was there I became a little freaked out about the relative nearness of Christmas. And I had zero Christmas card ideas. I've since gotten a little something in my head. I'm again not killing myself this year. I'll make them like always but I need easy.

Next up, quick run into Lowe's. I've become inspired in regards to the Ugly Bathroom. Very excited to get started. Bought a few more items for that and headed on up to The Boyfriend's for the weekend.

We had some good alone time, fun and serious conversations. Went out to dinner (yea!) and rented a movie. Sunday was church and some shopping. We went to the actual movie theater and also made dinner and pie. I got to watch my Sunday night tv shows and he caught up on a little newspaper reading. Dare I say a near perfect weekend?


Katie Lady said…
Nice. A perfect weekend.

I need to go to Lowe's to return something, and to Target to return a few things.

Can't wait to see this year's Christmas card! It's always the best one on the mantle. ;)

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