Since I had a Halloween party this year and actually made my house look a little scary, I had intentions of taking a picture of the creepy front porch to post on Friday. You know, wishing you a happy Halloween. But I didn't. And then the rest of the weekend came along and I didn't feel all that productive but I did take down the decorations. Without taking pictures. So, um, yeah...

The party was fun. I like it when adults dress up and almost everyone did. And my favorite thing about being Pippi Longstocking was that in the pictures it just looks like my head is constantly in motion because, really, who has hair that sticks out when you're still?

Also at the party I got to meet a very cute 4-month-old Boxer puppy who could be my puppy if I wanted him. Who doesn't want a cute Boxer puppy? Who, rationally, shouldn't take one? Someone who travels out of town every week, who also volunteers, who lives alone, who has a potential puppy support system (except that one of them lives about 30 minutes away; one is an hour away; works long hours and lives in a small apartment; and one is currently homeless because of a hurricane). Someone who doesn't see any of this changing in the near future. Someone who would see her boyfriend even less because you can't just decide at the spur of the moment to go to his place instead of your own. Someone who needs to spend more time instead of less working on the future of that relationship. Someone who would feel guilty leaving a puppy so often even if people were willing to take him. I'm sorry, puppy. At this point I'd be no better a mother than the one you had. You'll find a good home. I'm sorry that at this point it can't be mine.

You know what's more fun than coming home after being gone for 5 days and needing to get ready for a party you're hosting? Coming home after being gone for 5 days and needing to get ready for a party you're hosting and going upstairs to discover that, based on smell, something probably died in your attic. And even better? You can't find that something via what little attic access you have. And then you remove part of your wall? And you still can't find it. And it still smells bad and now your house is in disrepair and your only hope is that whatever it is is small and things eat it quickly before the smell makes its way downstairs.

Also fun? Waking up early Monday morning after a relatively good, relaxing weekend (minus the dead critter part) and realizing that you're already overwhelmed with what all needs to get accomplished this week.


KLM said…
EEEEEEEEEEWwwwwwwwww..but if the smell would have made it downstairs, it could have added to the Halloween atmosphere... :) sooo just kidding.

YUCK...Hope you find it soon, or that it is eaten very, very quickly.

Other than that, glad you had a great Halloween weekend.
Katie Lady said…
I'm SOOO bummed that we didn't get to come to your party! But we had fun taking Munchkin around our street. Small victories.

Dude, don't get a dog. For all those reasons you mentioned. People often forget all those reasons you mentioned, and then get pissed when they have to get home to let the dog out.
Patois said…
Might I say that the dog could have found the source of the smell quickly, rolled in it and made the smell ever more atmospheric?
Bubba's Sis said…
You have a stronger will and more rational head than I - I'm a sucker for puppies, and would have taken him in a heartbeat!

Wish we could have made your party - sounds like it was great - creepy smells and everything!
angelq said…
Whaaaa? I missed the Halloween party? I'm still waiting for my invitation! heh
StaceyG said…
I can relate with that anxiety.
Anonymous said… - Visit us or die!

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