I was excited yesterday. Excited to vote. Excited to see how things would turn out. Don't get me wrong. I know the color of this state, and I know a lot of people are probably angry or sad or disappointed or whatever this morning. But what's done is done. Move on.

How I see it, this is a pretty interesting time for our country. Obviously things haven't been going all that well. The economy. The war. The attitude other countries have towards us. It hasn't felt like things were moving in a positive direction and regardless of your party affiliation, something needs to change. I think there's no arguing that last night we got change.

What makes it exciting to me is that so many people got involved in this election. So many people felt connected to one of the sides. They donated money. They volunteered their time. They did something. And ultimately, it looks like over 131 million of them voted.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here. To see what policy gets made. To see how major problems will be solved. I just hope that the interest in our country at this grass roots level continues to thrive. That people continue to feel connected and pull together and work to improve their towns and their country. If they do, that will really be exciting.


Katie Lady said…
WOOT!!! Change is good!
KLM said…
Great Blog! Perfectly said and I think mostly everyone will agree.
KLM said…
2 seconds after I commented I got an email from The College friend who will be here in a few weeks. He missed my call last night because he was at an election party helping with food. He has never been one to get involved or actually really choose a side until this year. Your point proven!
Editor in Chief said…

Think, Bubba Jr. will not remember a time in his life when all the Presidents were white Protestant males.

It's time to go in a different direction. It's nice to see folks that run dirty campaigns lose, i.e. Elizabeth Dole. And it will be nice to get nice John McCain back.
StaceyG said…
I'm excited too as a first-time voter. I can finally see the benefits...

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