best of 2009: 14-18

I'm not sure if it's because I usually travel on Tuesdays, but when yesterday was over it didn't feel like there was only one more workday left in the week. But, Lordy. After the teleconference schedule for today and the sifting through tons of e-mails, I'm ready for the weekend.

Here's some catching up on the Best Of series:

Rush. I think I have to go with the getting yelled at by the crazy guy I mentioned in the last post.

Best packaging. Oooh, Moo cards. For our Christmas cards this year, I ordered Moo business cards. They're of great quality and have great packaging. (Sorry for the poor photo quality.) But the box is very compact, is made from recycled pulp and is recyclable. The cards themselves are made from sustainable forests. All that info is on the bottom of the tiny box. When you pull off the lid, you see this:

Hee hee. And then there's a one-page insert that looks like this:

If you can't read that, it's the "Buzzword Challenge." One side has the instructions to try to use the made-up buzzwords on the reverse side and see if anyone asks you what they mean. The buzzwords are social workfacing, blogospherical, socialocomotion, future-retroactivate, data-fluffed, viralize, and prioritorizational. It was just cute to me.

Tea of the year. Um, any? I'm not terribly picky about tea as long as it's sweet. Should be cold in the summer and warm in the winter. This year I'm particularly enjoying iced chai from Starbucks when paired with their tiny vanilla scones.

Word/phrase. Maybe "Is that bad?" And more recently, "It's rollin'!"

Shop. Am in lurve with Le sigh... So many fabulous dresses that it makes me want to order a new one almost daily. When would I wear those dresses? Who knows. I'd just roll around in them.

And since I mentioned Christmas cards, first let me apologize if you didn't receive one this year. I had to cut the list due to time and materials and had to add in the husband's peeps, too. It was brutal. Perhaps next year we'll send more again. Here's the front and inside (which were attached to one another with either blue or green ribbon along the top edge):

This time I apologize for the poor cropping and the dirty rug. Huh, and actually I took a picture of one of the cards made up with the back-up green paper as the store had 3 too few of the 1st choice paper. Oh well.


Katie Lady said…
I got my card and love it, so glad we are on 'the list!'

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