totally unrelated to the holidays

You'd think there would be a nice holiday recap post here, wouldn't you? Especially after I just was doing a little housekeeping by posting my 2009 reads. Nope. While it was a really good holiday and Santa was nice to us all and we were even nicer to each other and there were no tears even though there were multiple family gatherings, I'm going to go in an entirely different direction.

Months ago I bookmarked this. Here's my version of the list--basically horrific things that pop into my head without me wanting them to. And just for the record, no, this doesn't happen terribly often.

  1. That the plane will crash, sometimes from something mechanical and sometimes from gravity and physics just no longer working. That I'm forced to make those frantic, last-minute phone calls to loved ones before we all die.
  2. That up ahead? On the other side of that hill? Is a car barreling towards me in the wrong lane.
  3. That Chucky is in my room, you know, just at the edge of the bed. (Why on earth did I just search for him so I could add a link?)
  4. That the test results are positive and not in a good way.
  5. Like I mentioned the other day, that our freaky neighborhood drunk shot at us and I'm kneeling beside my dying husband. (I'm telling you, I was pissed at that guy.)
  6. That I dislocate my knee. Again.
  7. That there are roaches. Near me, on me, whatever.

I know there are more but that's all I can conjure up right now. Happy topic, no? At least I can take writing about it off my To Do list (so in a way I guess this is part of end-o-year house blogkeeping).


Patois said…
I will not click the link. I will not click the link. I will NOT click the link.

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