it's the most wonderful time of the year

Or, you know, something... Christmas is always so fun but stressful. I love picking out presents for the family (er, families). I enjoy putting thought into something each person would like or sneakily doing research for the perfect gift or just paying attention when they don't have something or say they need something. I'm less of a here's-my-list-now-please-pick-something-off-of-it kind of person. But I'm having to learn that that has its place.

I do love decorating for the holidays. Here's our tree (with its crooked star apparently--someone should fix that) and lots of presents.

Here you can't tell the star is crooked but you also can't really see the ornaments. And why has no one taken any pictures of it at night? No bokeh shots? Must get on that.

I also love wrapping pretty presents. I bought paper on sale last year and was apparently already in wedding-color mode. Turns out, that was a fantastic idea. I could use the leftover wedding ribbon for the packages. And since I culled the ornament herd this year, I used some of the cute ones to tie on the gifts. Is that regifting? Is that wrong? I think it's green.

Generally, I enjoy holiday baking as well. It is, however, one of those bittersweet times what with the lack of Mom and all. But, on my third attempt this year (usually I only give myself two), here's the divinity:

Yeah, it's cooling in the living room, avoiding any kitchen heat. This candy has been around a long time and in doing some troubleshooting research last night, I found out that it got its name because it's so good. I don't buy that. I think it got its name because you need divine intervention for it to work. Bygones...

There are also, as Grandma called them, Ice Box Cookies in the kitchen. Love these.

So I'm skipping the "Best of" for days 19 and 20. Don't really have anything to contribute. But! Best new kitchen appliance?

Sigh... Not only is it pretty, but it's a workhorse. If you like divinity and your sanity, this is totally worth the large purchase price. If you can work out a marriage and have some super nice ladies in your family, maybe you'll get it for free.

And, finally, the saddest moment. Good thing The Hubby came with a comparatively tiny bottle of Mexican vanilla.


Katie Lady said…
I love that giant bottle of Mexican vanilla. If you know where to buy some more, please tell me, as I'm looking high and low.
cjm said…
Yeah, Mexico. Perhaps a Fiesta?
jenelisebeth said…
I love my kitchenaid mixer! Glad you got to make that shortbread...
Katie Lady said…
Ooh, Fiesta! Good idea, thanks!

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