best of 2009: new food + house changes

New food? I can't think of one specific thing but this year I've continued to really enjoy making breakfast. Last year for Christmas my husband got me a cookbook from the B&B we stay at in Brenham. She has great recipes! I've also made one non-breakfast recipe she has in there and it's fantastic, too.

Changes? To where I live? Where there any? Um, yeah. We've done a lot of work in the yard. Cleaned out a bunch of the beds, planted the lime tree, lost the papaya tree, planted a few other random flowering plants, gardened!, dug up the back "sidewalk" and are prepping for the new one, started growing herbs again. Inside, we've merged our stuff (which was way more involved than 4 measly words convey), got rid of a bunch of things, and finished the black and white bathroom. All good changes! Well, I did like that papaya tree...darn storm.

Unrelated to the best of? Ok, so Husband and I woke up sort of early (for a weekend) to head to town to volunteer at a church. They were giving out toys and books and food for folks for the holidays. We got to escort the people through the different areas so they could pick items for their kids. It was all very organized and it was fun to do with the hubby. Then we knocked out a few more Christmas gifts, grabbed lunch to go, and headed home. It was a lazy afternoon of tv watching and napping. Then we each had a few projects to work on for the rest of the evening. I thought, however, that it would be nice to make an Irish coffee and walk around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. We did that (except insert "hot chocolate" for "coffee").

Yesterday was very foggy--really all day down here--but the evening was so quiet and dark and a little spooky. Not many people driving in the neighborhood. No barking dogs. Weird. And we've realized that our section of the neighborhood (our part of the street even) has the most decorations. It was sort of a bust in that regard. But it was nice to be enjoying the evening together. Well, we're walking down one street and it looked like someone may have left their car's headlights on. We paused to see if they'd go off, didn't remember seeing a car recently turn down the road, and were debating whether or not to knock on their door to inform them. The hubby says that we'll do that on our way back home if they're still on. So we start walking away and the car folks' next door neighbor starts yelling at us. Either he has a screened in porch or maybe had windows open or something but he's cursing and asking why we're so near his house (because, you know, we're in the middle of the road). We tell him about the neighbor's car but kind of just keep walking. He's still yelling and cursing and hopefully drunk because no one should be so much of an a$$hole sober and we just keep walking. And you can hear his wife or girlfriend (or whatever title that poor, unfortunate soul has) trying to calm him down. He pauses and in my head I'm thinking that he's probably getting a shotgun and we'll be dead in time for Christmas. Rest easy, he didn't. But you know? I really wanted to beat the $hit out of that guy and I'm not exactly a violent person. I think I was just pissed that he ruined the evening and that he was basically threatening us in our own neighborhood and, for Pete's sake, it's Christmastime. But I know, crazies are crazies year round. I'm just glad it didn't end poorly.


Katie Lady said…
Um, very scary about that last part. I'm guessing drunk, too.

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