best of 2009: night out

The best night out? It seems like I've had many more nights in this year. While relationships and married life comes with their own set of challenges and sometimes stress, the one thing I probably am most happy to see go (related to the single life) is the pressure to go out. The whole "you can't meet anyone at home" thing was annoying when I was single. I was past the clubbing stage but hadn't met someone to stay home with. Ahh, but now the joy of couch snuggling!

So nights out? There have still been a few. The first one that comes to mind is the night we got into Chicago. My SIL2 (since there are now 2 SILs it seems like maybe there should be a way to differentiate them) picked us up from the airport and we headed to a little bar. We had a bite to eat and drinks outdoors (perfect weather). And nice chatting.

We had a few good nights out with The Brother and SIL. Saw Les Mis earlier in the year and A Christmas Carol just recently. While it's not The Hubby's favorite thing to do, I really enjoy going to the theatre district. Always such good shows!

And then there was our pub night in Ireland. Drinks, snacks, live music. A mellow good time.

The evening where we finally decided our search for a rehearsal dinner venue was over...that was a good one.

Pub dinner and Ray LaMontagne in Dublin. Fantastic!

BBQ and Willie Nelson in Nashville. Also fantastic.

Enjoying the fire at the vineyard outside of Nashville, followed (of course) by more BBQ...

There really were lots of good times this year. Hope 2010 can top it!


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