homemade oreos

Hey, it's blog post #500! We should celebrate with cookies. Really fattening cookies...

(I sure wish we had sunshine again. Good lighting really helps make better pictures.)

It was a good weekend. On Friday, we took Maggie to the vet to have her staples removed. She did so good! There were two badly placed staples that were a bit of a struggle to get out and those were the only two that caused her discomfort. She was a real trooper.

Now, I'm about to make a confession. One of those really bad, I'm-a-1950s-housewife confessions. I love my husband. He's done a really fantastic job being a househusband in these sad economic times (aka while he's looking for his next job opportunity). But (here's the confession part) I kind of miss the housekeeping tasks. So on Friday, I went to the grocery store and made dinner and on Saturday I cleaned the entire house. I mean really cleaned. I even did a little laundry. It felt oddly satisfying. He bathed the dog (again, she did great).

Saturday night we had a dinner party with his parents' Mardi Gras Krewe. Nice people, great food, beautiful house, good times.

Yesterday we invited The Brother and SIL over for dinner and to meet Maggie. I was in the mood for comfort food, and I've been in the mood to try new recipes. I settled on chicken fried steak with a few jalapenos thrown into the cream gravy, a new mac and cheese recipe (a la Luby's), spinach salad (homemade dressing), garlic bread (the only store-bought item), and homemade oreos. The meat was good. Not surprising--this ain't my first rodeo, people. I didn't want to overpower the gravy with jalapenos and it ended up going the other way. I think instead of chopping them up, it would work better to puree them and then add them in. Who knows... The spinach salad was also good (made that one before, too) and the garlic bread was ok. Oddly not the best. The mac and cheese? I don't know yet. It was good and creamy, so many have been dry. But I'm just not sure what I'm looking for in a recipe anymore. Maybe I should wait and see how the leftovers are before I make a decision.

And the oreos... I thought they were quite good but boy are they bad for you. Recipe here. I think I'll hang on to that recipe for awhile. I think they would be popular at parties. And I'm betting you can use the cookies to make some mean ice cream sandwiches.


Katie Lady said…
Did I know the Husband was a househusband right now? How did I miss that?

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