wedding wednesday: posers

I realize it's Thursday. I had a long day yesterday, traveling back home and whatnot. It's time to reveal some of my favorite formals. The guys did such a great job posing and working with props (you'll see a bit more of that in the post-ceremony shots). First, a semi-traditional pose:

Now, with props. You remember how the girls got parasols? I couldn't leave the guys hangin'! A little back story...the groom is known for having some weird facial hair moments during our courtship. I like scruffy best, then clean-shaven, then a normal beard. Everything else? The cowboy mustache and chops? Really any of his various stages of shaving off the beard? Yeah, not so much. So to let him have wacky facial hair for a bit, we made mustachios!

Seriously. Awesome.

The guys posed for individual shots with the groom:

Best man (from grad school, great guy, super subtle sense of humor):

Groomsman (from childhood)

Groomsman (from childhood, both of these childhood guys live in-state--we should totally go visit them)

Groomsman (from undergrad, he and his wife are expecting their first baby!, flew in from Cali for our wedding)

Groomsman (from grad school, flew in from Boston for our wedding and we returned the favor (out to Cali for their wedding the weekend after our honeymoon))

Let me take this opportunity to give props to these guys. To cut down on expenses and kind of match the mismatched look of the ladies, I told them they just needed to wear any black suit. Having only met one of them prior to the wedding, I wasn't sure what to expect but they all looked great!
And my favorite picture of the groom... It cracks me up every time. We call it the tough, smart lawyer pose.

Hmm, what's next? Let's get the ceremony started!

(Again, all pics by Monique Montoya.)


Katie Lady said…
Yes, that last picture looks like some tough-lawyer picture you'd see in an add around Houston. Like The Texas Hammer guy. LOVE IT!
Patois said…
Totally great shots. Love that the guys all went for the prop shots.

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