life list: throw beads off a mardi gras float

First, let me admit that we forgot our camera for this one but I'm sure we'll get pictures forwarded to us. Stay tuned for photographic evidence...

Second? If you ever get the opportunity to throw beads during a Mardi Gras parade, do it. It's really freakin' fun.

No matter how much preparation you have for an event like this, there will still be last-minute craziness. The FIL forgot his cell phone charger (pretty important when you're the King/contact person) and The MIL forgot her camera at home. Hubby picked those up before we headed down to the island. We me the in-laws at their hotel and frantically get dressed to head to the float. Did we remember to take MIL's camera? Nope. The King and I (ha ha) stayed at the float while MIL and Hubby went back to the hotel so at least someone would have a camera...

While they were off doing that, I was prepping beads. Each rider got 75 POUNDS of beads to throw. That translates into 2 giant bags. The floats are lined with nails and dowels and hooks on about every interior surface so that you can open your giant bag, remove a dozen beads from an individual plastic bag, and hang them. Each twelve are packaged together with a little piece of brown paper that you break right before throwing. This way you don't get all the beads tangled together. That becomes a giant mess and you miss perfectly good opportunities to throw some.

Last year, each person only threw about one giant bag's worth. We did MUCH better this year. We had less than one bag left over from the eight total (between the four of us). That's a lot of beads, people.

We have parades on two weekends for Mardi Gras. The first is more family-oriented and the second is more show-your-goods traditional. The was, of course, the first weekend. While I've never done the second weekend, I can pretty much be certain that I like the family weekend better. Only saw one boob but lots of kids (and probably only maimed a few with crazily flying beads). And let me tell you, people are CRAZY for beads. CRAZY.

So, yes, it was a great time. Do it if given the opportunity. You'll smile the entire time.

(Unrelated? Today is our 6-month-iversary.)


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