problem solving

We have a fence around our yard and it has two entry points. One is a small, people-sized gate that could lead you to the mailbox if there weren't a giant ditch between the two. The other is a pair of giant swinging gates that allow you to drive your car down the driveway.

Now, I never closed those gates ever before Maggie came along. When it's nice weather, we've been throwing her outside during part of the day so she can get some sun and explore her yard. She hadn't been too adventurous (until today).

When the Rescue folks came to evaluate our home (to see if it were fit for a dog), they said we had to have locks on all our gates. The people-sized gate always remains locked now. The big gate has a chain and lock on it but generally it's not locked even if the gates are closed. If we're not out there with Maggie, one of us is in the office with a view of said gates. Feel pretty sure we'd notice if someone were to break in.

But today! Lo! The gates were both locked when I returned home from work. I assumed the gate wouldn't be locked and was most concerned about having to leave my car on the side of the road, effectively blocking the mailbox from the mailwoman. Yeah, no. The gates were both locked. And could I remember the combination? Um, no. Did I mention I was carrying my purse, laptop bag, coat, fast food bag, and cup o' tea? Did I mention locked?

I try to call Hubby on his cell for him to come out to let me in (or at least tell me the combination). He doesn't answer. I yell for Maggie. Why? I don't know. I guess to see if she's outside. She doesn't come. Hubby doesn't hear me yelling for her either. So finally I either put my stuff on the fence or inside it and climb over.

It is then that I hear Maggie's collar jingling. "Where is she?" you ask. "Why didn't she come?" Because she was watching me from UNDER the house...

It was all very entertaining.


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