spring cleaning

I know, I know. Everyone is tired of winter. The 10-day forecast doesn't even call for anything closely resembling spring. So sad. But we did have a nice weekend and were very productive.

The new annuals (dianthus) on the porch:

Those ranunculus bulbs I bought and planted in October/November have survived the multiple freezes and are still growing. No flowers yet. Just in case they never come, I did buy one white one. Sigh, I love them.

And my MIL gave us two pots of hyacinths for Valentine's Day so I went ahead and divided them and put them in the ground. Wasn't sure if they'd like the spot I picked for them but they have grown! And are starting to bloom. There are 4 pink bulbs and 4 bluish purple.

And just a random picture of the bird. This bird survived the hurricane (only for me to drop it while cleaning up afterwards and humpty dumpty it back together) and then broke irreparably in that crazy storm that followed. I found a replacement a few months back and it sits happily on the porch.

We've also snuck in some work on the beds here and there and made a lot of progress this weekend. It's starting to look like a nice place to come home to...


I wish we were able to get out in the gardens. Not for a bit yet. We just got 8 inches of the white stuff today and Hunter had a blast playing in it!
ndh said…
Just in time for another potential cold snap tonight...

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