16 weeks

Total weight gain: Yeah, this will still be inaccurate. It appears that I've probably gained another pound or two. Since the weight gain is so gradual, it's hard to tell what's baby and what's just the regular fluctuation throughout the day. Two more weeks till another doctor's appointment so we'll have to wait till then.

Movement: Nothing exciting to report. Will be nice (but perhaps a little freaky) once this starts. It's nice to know that everything is ok in there.

Cravings: While I have had several good meals, nothing that would meet the craving status.

Symptoms: My skin continues to look awful. And headaches. And it seems like I'm getting bigger since fewer of my clothes seem to fit. Oh, and baby brain. (Yes, I forgot to include this earlier and am coming back to add it.) I'm not really liking this part. Please let it be temporary. I'm too young to be senile.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: A little busier at work this week so most of the progress happened last weekend. Ok, all of the progress. I finished the first part of quilting the actual quilt. Just need to go back and add some designs... Cut out the fabric for the valances. Hubby and I hung the blinds and curtains. Lots of cursing from me there. Usually those go up so smoothly. Yeah, not this time. Oh! And I think I found a place to reupholster the rocking chair that The Brother and I were rocked in as babies. Very exciting! Now I just need to find time to pick out fabric. But the guy is local, gave me a good quote, and can be done in a reasonable amount of time. Woohoo!

Milestones: Busted out the maternity jeans for the first time. Seems weird since most people (even those who know me) aren't thinking I'm really showing. But, man, those old jeans would not fit this week. My MIL also bought me a couple shirts and a dress that aren't necessarily maternity clothes but are cut to last me for awhile. Wore one of those this week, too. No baby milestones that I can confirm but allegedly bebe can hear us now. It's a good thing s/he doesn't know what cursing means...

Weekly wisdom: Lordy, I feel out of wisdom this week. Not that great of a week emotionally-speaking. I guess sometimes the best you can do is keep on truckin'.
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angelq said…
Try this website: http://www.modern-fabrics.com/

Um, the pregnancy brain goes away...after five years, I think. I don't know if that's cumulative based on each child or just five years after birth. It's hard to deal with but you have no choice now. You do learn to adjust though.

The headaches and skin should get better as your hormones level off. Don't be afraid to take a couple of Tylenol and drink a caffeinated soda to help out.

Maybe should have put a note at the top about unsolicited advice forthcoming...
cjm said…
I don't mind your unsolicited advice. :) At least it's nice instead of mean.

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