week 19

Total weight gain: Doesn't look like there was a gain this week. Then again, when you're talking about a pound a week, any daily fluctuations can skew the data.

Movement: More flutterings. On Thursday night it felt like more intentional flutterings. Like I stopped what I was doing and thought, "Huh, I think that was the baby." Definitely moving during the ultrasound, too.

Cravings: I was struggling to make it through work on Thursday afternoon so I drug the laptop into the living room and went through emails while watching Oprah. She had Paula Deen on and she made her Hashbrown Casserole (which I've made in the past). I could have made it right then. I think it may be brunch for Sunday. I've also still been eating avocados, which is good since they're high in Vitamin E and I recently read they can help decrease the odds of allergies and asthma in the baby.

Symptoms: Lordy, the baby brain. And the dreams. Friday morning I had one where they had I giant vending machine at Wal-Mart that contained dogs. Apparently you could just kind of keep your dog in there if you had brief errands to run. The in-laws' dogs were in there. Tessa was just chillin' and Daisy was so excited she was shaking. Pretty much how they would be if actually in a giant vending machine. The dream then ended up very video game/movie-like (it was a period movie). I never have dreams like that.

Belly button: No change.

Preparations: Oooh, got to do some work over last weekend. Have the baby's bathroom done except for whatever actual baby things need to be added. And, you know, if I randomly change my mind about something. Also finished the mobile!!! And worked some on the quilt over the last week. I gave Hubby the green light to go ahead and start putting the crib together. He took it seriously and put it together last night. Looks good and sturdy.

In this first picture, I got the pair of owls pretty much for free at an estate sale recently. They were sort of cheesy but I just painted them white. And the orange bucket of towels used to be purple. Second pic is a grouping of needlepoints by my grandmother (the four seasons...we have a bit of a woodland theme in the bathroom, it seems). And a few fun bird prints that Hubby didn't hate. Yea!

And the mobile. It's currently hanging from the ceiling fan but it makes me very happy.

Milestones: Had the second screening ultrasound and anatomy scan on Thursday. I heart ultrasounds. MIL came with us so that was fun. Everything looks good on the baby. All body parts were present and accounted for. Very slim chances (like the best odds you can get) of major genetic problems. No cleft palate. We're still not finding out the sex although it was clear to the tech. Sometimes you do not want ambiguity. Heart rate was 165. Baby was measuring one day off so that's pretty darn close. To give you an idea of baby's size (other than the mango up there), his or her foot was about an inch long.

A foot and a slightly less good (compared to last time) profile pic:

Weekly wisdom: Not that we're doing this (maybe the next time around), but I heard a great idea this week. One of my co-workers said that she had some friends who had a Reveal Party. They invited their close friends and family and everyone found out what the sex of the baby was. It's how they did the telling that makes it fun. At their ultrasound, they had the tech write down what the baby's sex was and seal it up. They took that to the bakery and had a cake made. The outside was yellow with question marks. The inside they had colored to match the sex of the baby (Team Pink or Team Blue). Then when they cut the cake, everyone found out at once. Super fun idea.

(Mango courtesy of thebump.com)


Katie Lady said…
Love the 'reveal party' idea!

We have a friend from church here who's specialty is nursery reveals. She finds out the sex and does the nursery in secret, behind closed doors, for the couple, locks it up every night and everything, so it's all done in the 'right' color scheme when baby comes home! Peekaboo Designs. http://www.peekaboodesign.com/ She is awesome, they even featured one of her 'reveals' on the local CBS news!
I am still saying you are having a little girl! Glad that all is well!

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