week 18

So I'm still alive. And I've even gotten myself slightly unburied at work. It should (fingers crossed) be a relatively uneventful two weeks there. Woohoo!

Total weight gain: Confirmed by the doctor's scale...11 lbs. I have a book I read nightly (a pregnancy day-by-day book) and I'm exactly on track according to their little graph.

Movement: Same ol' flutterings that I think I'm hallucinating. The PA said I should feel more definite things within the next few weeks. Still looking forward to that.

Cravings: I've pretty much cut out caffeine since getting pregnant but I had a little sweet tea this week. It was wonderful.

Symptoms: Still with the baby brain. This week I thought I lost my car keys and forgot where I parked at the airport (within about 15 minutes of each other). And the dreams. Oh, the dreams. It feels like I'm dreaming every minute I'm sleeping. Sometimes crazy stuff (like the baby's umbilical cord stump falling off as soon as we bring her (was a girl in the dream) home from the hospital to just a mish mash of things that happened the day before).

Belly button: Still in and feels very featured in my clothes these days. Like all parts of my belly except for it are sticking out and it's a giant sinkhole.

Preparations: Last weekend I did a little accessorizing. And I worked on the valances only to have hit a snag. I'm ignoring them for now. Baby got a teddy bear today (from an honorary grandma).

Milestones: Made the switch to maternity pants for work. So much more comfortable. Apparently starting to look pregnant from the side only. Although I have a sneaking suspicion my butt is bigger so I may look pregnant from behind. I should have been taking pictures to show its growth... Had a doctor's appointment like I mentioned. Baby's heart rate was 158. Still good.

Weekly wisdom: Some good advice I heard in the last week was to come back from maternity leave midweek. I think that's a super good idea. You can ease everyone into the new routine. I'll try to work that in.

That's about all I have today. A few pics from this morning before leaving for a bridal shower (notice my photobombing dog in the second one):

And yea for Geek having her baby on Thursday! A second girl, 8lb 7oz (which is almost a pound and a half smaller than her firstborn).

(Sweet potato courtesy of thebump.com)


Anonymous said…
looooove the tiny baby bump!! i'm so feelin' you up the next time i see you!

cph (not that the signature was needed)
cjm said…
It's already freaking Hubby out a little. He touched it the other day and was surprised it's hard. I told him I wasn't just getting fat. :)
Patois said…
A great update. Love your ham of a dog.
You look great! Love the little baby bump!

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