week 17

Total weight gain: This morning I was the same weight as last week but I don't believe it. More on that later. Next week, I finally go back to the doctor so I'll have better data.

Movement: Still nothing exciting. I know based on what I've read that I'm not behind on this. And first-time pregnant moms usually recognize the feeling later. But, I'm sure anxious for this to start.

Cravings: I wanted guacamole since last Saturday when the baby was the size of an avocado. Finally got some this week. Thanks, Hubs, for picking up the ingredients.

Symptoms: Skin looks a little better today. And I guess I've had a little headache relief. I swear that I suddenly look pregnant this week--especially in the last few days. The number of wearable clothing items has dwindled even more. I've been a little uncomfortable (although I know I ain't seen nothin' yet). I was sitting on the plane yesterday morning and had the feeling like my pants were on too tight except it was my skin that was on too tight. That's a little freaky. Also, baby brain and its accompanying klutziness continues. This pregnancy thing? Very interesting to observe.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: Le sigh... Too busy for progress. The next few weeks are a little less crazy with work so hopefully I can get back to it.

Milestones: For the first time, I was called out regarding being pregnant. Now, I think I look pregnant when I'm wearing maternity clothes (even just the pants with a regular ol' shirt) and standing up. But I was at a site I hadn't been to since before the wedding and one of the girls walks in, sees me sitting down, in normal (but half-buttoned, tight pants) and asks what I was hiding in there. She proceeds to say that I got married, I'm having a baby. What?! She must be psychic because even though I know my boobs indicate that something's up, I'm still not well-endowed enough to give it away. I also bought a few more items of clothing. I culled the closet herd this morning and really don't have much that I can wear without just looking like I don't know how to dress my body. Like people would take one look at me and think, "Honey, buy a bigger shirt."

Weekly wisdom: I'm going to go superficial and stick to clothes. I had a good tip this week and it was to switch to maternity clothes as soon as you can. I think that's a good idea since comfort is a big deal already. And, you know, when you're female you kind of like to look good. It helps you feel good, which is even more important when you're having a "fat day" everyday. Suddenly--and, for the first time, literally--having nothing to wear is a bit of a downer. I know people have tricks to extend the life of your regular wardrobe but none of those have been comfortable to me. Or I don't have enough shirts that are both wide enough and long enough to hide all the engineering that's going into keeping my pants from falling down. What you can do, or at least what I can do, is still wear skirts. Sure, they're hiked up higher than Steve Urkel's pants but at least they make me feel good.

Finally, send good thought's Geek's way. She's feeling done with being pregnant with a week left until her due date. Fingers crossed the baby comes this weekend.
(image from thebump.com)


Patois said…
Love your bit of wisdom this week! Be well.
angelq said…
The biggest and most annoying problem I had with maternity clothes was that by the end of the pregnancy, almost everything shows underbelly. Of course, I grow 'em bigger than most and carry them differently but really, they are supposed to be maternity clothes. Old Navy tees will shrink and continue to shrink everytime you wear them. Target has great stuff but you have to watch weekly because it sells out fast. Oh, and no baby yet. Le sigh

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