Remember when I actually wrote about what was going on with my life? How I'd write maybe every other day? And you knew where I was traveling to and what projects were going on at the house and how the gardens were growing? Yeah, I barely remember that...

I've been traveling a lot. Work has been incredibly busy. I've worked many a late night when I've actually been in the home office. I'm torn between working over the weekends (and feeling bitter that I'm working) and working these long hours on weekdays (and giving all daylight hours to the job). I'm exhausted. And overwhelmed. And hormonal. And irritable. Yep, you should feel sorry for me but you should feel worse for the guy who has to live with me. I'm crankypants meets ticking time bomb. Sigh...

I guess the good news is that I have two sort of easy weeks coming up. Then, after some news I got today, return to crazy for another two weeks. I'm very much looking forward to upcoming travel restrictions and the subsequent 12 weeks off. I know it won't be a vacation but after the last few months it may just feel like it.


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