hello. my name is cjh and i procrastinate.

There are a few things I should be doing this morning that are work-related. On the To Do list is to take a few training courses, create a spreadsheet, and maybe have a teleconference. One course isn't until noon and I've heard no word on the teleconference. Ho hum.

What's not on the list: blog, try to figure out plans for the summer vacation, order Astros tickets.

It was an eventful weekend. Here's the list (in chronological order)...
  • Finished painting the living room orange. I like it. Now if only my new chairs would come in.
  • Cleaned. Bah humbug....who likes to do that?
  • Volunteered at the local neighborhood marathon. Those people amaze me. I had dreams of running one once upon a time. My knees had other ideas.
  • Had lunch for some peeps at my house. Good broccoli salad.
  • Thought, for the millionth time, that my yard really needs some work. Ignored it.
  • Went to the Home Show at the convention center. "They" (whoever "they" are) lied. It wasn't any different from the other one we went to a month or so ago.
  • Played frisbee golf.
  • Watched Stranger Than Fiction and The Holiday. The former surprisingly very good. Very different from his other movies. The latter made me and the brother's girlfriend make sighing girly sounds while the brother sat there silent. Could someone send me a cute foreign man? Anyone, anyone? Preferably one who doesn't sleep with the nanny.
  • Went to the craft show. Got in free (!!!) because I, too, turned 30 this year. Hey, I'll take the perks where I can get them. Bought some food items and a new purse.
  • Puttered around the house.
  • Thought of a few craft projects of my own.
  • Watched Unbreakable on tv. Not M. Night's best work...

So now I'm just biding my time till my noon training. What I'd really like to do is go to Hobby Lobby.


Bubba's Sis said…
Hello cjh.

For a procrastinaor, you got a lot done over the weekend! I watched a little TV, worked in the yard a bit, and had dinner at Cheddar's on Saturday. Oh - and I did some laundry. Woo hoo!

My life is so glamourous.
wendy bird said…
you sound WAY busier than me.

i shopped for some new clothes. cleaned out closets (ick) watched 2 movies...the holiday (sweet hubby sat silent as well) and casino royale.

oh oh...i paid someone to do the yard. is that procrastination or knowing your limits? :)
StaceyG said…
I was thinking the same thing as Sis - you got a LOT done for a procrastinator.

M. Night will never be able to get another "Sixth Sense" out of himself...
samantha jo campen said…
Hi, my name is Samantha, and I like to clean.
Katie Lady said…
I did some laundry and played with my baby. Oh, and went to church for the first time with the Drewster! That is an accomplishment, trust me.

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