the life of a single gal

My work computer was down part of this week. My fax machine, too. I think my house may be rejecting all things modern/technological. This explains the lack of postings.

Actually, I'm not in any real mood to post right now but thought I should so people know I'm alive. Last night I saw the episode of Sex and the City where Miranda buys her own place. I hadn't seen that one in awhile. She goes through the whole check-the-single-woman-box thing, too. And she heard something like "this whole, big place just for you?" And she almost choked on take-out and feared she'd end up like the previous owner--dead for a week without anyone noticing (except her cat who ate off half her face). I can relate.

The other day I locked myself in the bathroom with my cell phone to test the workings of the lock. Hey, it's an old house. If I were to get trapped I'd like to be able to call someone. It worked fine. But then a few days later I locked it and had thoughts of it malfunctioning, resulting in me being trapped in there until I starved to death (after eating whatever natural bath products I could find a la Friends) or were forced to throw myself out of the second-floor window.

(Ok, so maybe I'll post a little.)

When you've been single as long as I have and you majored in psychology, you can't help but create your own terms for things. (If someone has created these before, I'm sorry and I'll let you take full credit. I'm no Dr. Phil.)

The first term is "dating fatigue." Noun. An overwhelming sense of exhaustion that stems from being single and officially "on the prowl." One may feel this after a string of bad dates or after a period of time with no dates. Signs/symptoms may include actual fatigue, hopelessness, pulling one's metaphorical hat out of the ring, daydreaming about the Starbucks guy, and/or thoughts of recycling.

"Recycle." Verb. To reuse or think about reusing a previous boyfriend, date, special friend. In severe cases of dating fatigue, one may actually follow through with recycling. In mild to moderate cases, one merely thinks about recycling perhaps even to the extent of manifesting dreams about it. One thinks of these people in terms of "if only" (i.e., if only he lived in this country/were not married/were not a jackass) or idealistically, as applicable. Actual recycling never ends well.

Yes, suffering from dating fatigue. Dreams of recycling...


Katie Lady said…
NOOOO!!! Don't succumb to the fatigue! Fight through! Remember Miranda dating the hot doctor for the Knicks....all is not lost!

Of course, then she 'recycled' Steve, but I liked him, so no problems.
Anonymous said…
Have you ever thought about becoming a writer part time? Maybe because of your reference to the show, I had it on the brain, but you sounded like Carrie in your definitions of dating fatigue and recyling. I LOVED it.

I too have thought about the recycling. All but one is happily married. And now that I think about it, all have married the girl after me! Hmmm...that could be a whole other blog.

PS. I liked the previous view you had better.
Pigs said…
I love how you managed to work Friends into that. I think Friends can be referenced in any life situation.

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