seeking boyfriend in rock band

I have a t-shirt that says that. I guess it should be pointed out that I have t-shirts that say all sorts of things. I like them even though they are meant for tweens and I'm 30.

I think this one is true, however. I dig musicians. Wait, not just any musician. A good musician. And their genre doesn't have to be rock but they have to be able to "rock" whatever their genre is... Take Jack Ingram. Technically, he's country. (If you're from here, you know that he's really Texas Country. There's a difference.) But, man, can he rock--his live performance at the rodeo was awesome. Unfortunately for me I think he's married with children.

Today Mat Kearney was on Ellen. He sounded good even on those high notes. It's refreshing when a singer sounds good outside of the studio. It's sad that it's come to that.

So if anyone has a musician (who isn't a loser) they'd like to send on over, I'll be home.


I wear tweens t-shirts and I'm 37. My favorite one says, "It's all about me! Me, me, me!!" And I like the one that says, "I'm with the band." That implies you already HAVE the boyfriend in the rock band.

I like musicians, too. Didn't marry one, but I can admire from afar....
Anonymous said…
Wait, I thought you wanted a foreign guy? Or should the foreign guy also be able to rock?

Did that shirt fit? I am still nervous about it.

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