the purple room

So this is the purple room (the room that's the color of my brain apparently). One day it will be the guest bedroom but right now it pretty much holds some odd and ends. Unpacked boxes of candles and other decorative items. Pictures that have yet to be hung on walls. This is the view into the bathroom.

This is one of the items that will live in the purple room even once it's the some-other-color room. My grandmother had a sewing machine built into a table similar to this one. My mom admired it so my dad ended up doing this for her. It's a pretty nifty item. There are also a couple figurines that were Mom's and a jewelry chest that lived at my mom's parents' house once upon a time.

More of the same. In the corner back there is the doll house that my grandma made me when I was little. It comes complete with an attic where all the doll house furniture is currently stored. I turned it into a game storage unit.


Samantha Jo Campen said…
Everything looks great, but I'm here drooling over your hardwood floors.
Bubba's Sis said…
I love the purple room! And I love love LOVE that old sewing machine! My grandmother had one, too. Never get rid of that!

P.S. I'm about as lucky as you are. Just average.
cjh said…
Let me just note here that I'm not a fan of the purple. I inherited it; I did not choose that color.
Bubba's Sis said…
But it's pretty! And it just matches the color of your brain...
Cheryl said…
I know you're not a fan of the purple but come on, you have to admit it's kind of fun!

I, too, drool over the hardwood floors.

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