there's a bathroom on the right

Ok, so I've noticed that I often quote song lyrics in my titles. This one is a bit of a CCR stretch...

My house has 3 bathrooms. I know, who needs 3 bathrooms? Not me. As a person who grew up with only one bathroom, I thought two would be a good idea. It's nice to have a back-up. And it's nice to have one public and one private. Originally, the house had two. When the attic was converted into the master bedroom, they added another one. I hate the people who used to live here because of their choices when surfacing the bathrooms. Well, it could be worse but still...

This one is the room I'm trying to ignore. This picture shows it in its original state. This past Sunday I took to tearing off some of the wallpaper. I abhor the wallpaper. The floor is not so great either. And, just for fun, the door needs to be rehung. It doesn't shut all the way (thus, making it impossible to ignore).

I do like that there's a window and the sink is great. There's also good linen storage behind the door where I, in fact, store linens. The tub is nothing exciting. Don't you wish there were a claw foot? Me, too.

The next one is my bathroom. It has the same lovely wallpaper. It does have nifty built-in shelving (that's much more organized now than it was in this picture), another window (with a little ledge I use sometimes to put on shoes), and a garden tub. Good shower head, too. The flooring is peel-n-stick tile again. But, again, it's not as bad as it could be. One fun thing to deal with is that the cabinetry has to hold duct work. This makes for very limited closed storage. This is something I need to work on improving. And it would be nice to have lighting above the mirror. For any guys who read this, putting on make-up while being back lit isn't the best scenario.

And the last bathroom is the one off of the purple room (aka the guest bedroom). It started off as dirty sock grey. It is now a light yellow (the same color as the hallway in my brother's paint). The decorations are the same as what was in my apartment bathroom. This was actually the first room I painted and decorated. That's only because it was easy. This room has a pretty snazzy tub...but you can sit in the shower. I haven't used it yet but I think it's cool.

Would you like to see the purple room? I'll save that, and all its glory, for later.


Anonymous said…
Are you sure the world is ready for the...PURPLE ROOM?
Anonymous said…
I. Love. Your. House!
I love the yellow paint! OK, I love everything about your house.
angelq said…
That wallpaper looks strangely familiar. I think we may have had it in one of our houses growing up. Hmmmm.
And I'm obsessing over the fact that the toilet lid is up in one of the pictures. I just want to put. it. down.
angelq said…
And, omigosh, is that still the same curling iron?
cjm said…
I don't have to put toilet lids down for any reason... And, yes, probably the same curling iron. It recently broke...that's how low maintenance I am.
Anonymous said…
I am obsessing about the fact that in one of the pictures you can see BATH on the door, but the updated one says BAT. LOL have you hung the H back up?

What I want to see is the dining room progress. I am soooo excited about that room!!!
Anonymous said… quicker lol :)
angelq said…
Of course, most people have no reason to put toilet lids down. Being the neurotic person I am, I'd be afraid something would jump off those shelves and go for a swim a la Seinfeld.

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