10 on tuesday (6)

10 Occupations I Wanted to be When I Was Young

1. Teacher
2. Lobbyist
3. Engineer
4. Environmentalist
5. Bookstore owner
6. Psychologist

Pretty progressive for a girl who grew up in a town of maybe 400...

Those were all before I legally became an adult. That's it. No more. I guess I wanted to be a teacher for a really long time and didn't consider any other options until I was maybe 16. Since then (and we'll assume I'm still considered "young"):

7. Wedding planner
8. Interior decorator
9. Various paths in my present career
10. Maker o' greeting cards


Anonymous said…
i think you should go for the last one when you grow up!
My Bookworm Daughter wants to own a bookstore one day....maybe ya'll could be partners.
Patois42 said…
A lobbyist? What a great thing to think of. I'm amazed you ever even knew what one was. I sure didn't. Cool list.
Anonymous said…
the weird thing is that you probably would have been good at any of those things.

before i decided that i wanted to go into psychology, i wanted to be a veterinarian. even now, if i were to change fields, i'd like the new path to do something with animals.

StaceyG said…
I vote for interior decorator!! You rock at that! =)
Anonymous said…
I would be a rock star or professional wrestler. The Brother

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