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10 Awesome Things About Me

The 10 on Tuesday guru said it was time to brag. I'm not very good at bragging. I think most people find it hard. We tend to take our accomplishments and positive qualities for granted. So, ok, awesome things...

1. I can pick the "right" colors to paint a house. I say things like "this one has too much brown" when, to lots of people, the colors look exactly the same.

2. When it comes to even mildly important things, it never dawns upon me to lie. It's not that I'm a good or bad liar...it just never presents itself as an option.

3. I'm not needy. I love my friends and family and enjoy spending time with them. I would also love to have someone to love but for the most part I'm ok on my own. I enjoy spending time with myself.

4. If I give you a gift, it will be wrapped prettier than the other gifts. And the card will probably be homemade, too.

5. I work hard. My employers don't need to worry about me goofing off or shirking responsibilities. I won't take advantage of them when it comes to the freedom I'm given with this job.

6. I like old things and can see their potential.

7. I'm smart. You know, well-educated, reasonably good vocabulary. And yet I love to read smutty celebrity magazines when I'm on the road.

8. I generally laugh a lot. Sometimes appropriately. Sometimes inappropriately. Sometimes it's when things suck.

9. I can pick things up with my toes.

10. I'm a girl who loves baseball.

That's hard. What makes you awesome?


Clockworkchris said…
I laughed a lot (appropriately) at your post. I loved #1, I have perfect pitch so I can kind of understand having eyes that work so well. I lie a lot though. I wrap all my presents in newspaper. And I always laugh at the worst times. Mine is obviously up, I took a bit of a different approach but your talents are mostly practical as well.
Bubba's Sis said…
LOVE your list, cjh! What an awesome person you are (of course, I already knew that!)!!

Happy Tuesday!
JennieBoo said…
LOVED your list. Epecially #9. I can do that too! Oh, and BTW, my house needs painting! lol

Happy Tuesday!

Crimson Wife said…
I'm right there with you on #10. I envy you on #4 because even though I try hard, I just can't seem to do a decent job wrapping presents :-0

Thanks for sharing!
Debi said…
Truly wonderful list!
Patois said…
You need to have #11: I can make good lists. I love #4 and #9.
pjd said…
What does it mean, "wrap presents"?

I envy you #1. Colors are something I have little talent with. And I must say all your characteristics are awesome (except the last one, it'd be better if you liked soccer :)
Anonymous said…
that is a hard list to put together, especially for you. being that you're so humble and all... (except for #7) i'm glad you made yourself do it!

ti'mo said…
These are great! I might have to borrow some...you're right, it's hard to brag about yourself.

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