one of those days

Do you ever have one of those days? A day where you realize your previous feelings of competence have now revealed an ugly side and have come to slap you in the face? A day where you realize you forgot to do something that was probably fairly important and is now inconveniencing others? A day where you realize you possibly overlooked something after months of looking at? A day where your previously cheerful co-worker defensively says "you never told me that" and you just explain it yet again instead of saying "I know I told you and, in fact, here it is written in a letter to prove it." You know, for example.

It's one of those days... A day where you just want people to get off your back. A person can only do the best they can. Sometimes in this job it just doesn't feel like that's enough. So I'm trying to--in the ingenius words of Dory--just keep swimming, just keep swimming. It's funny how often that pops into my mind when I'm on the road.


cjm said…
Um, yeah, and then you go to post because in your frustration you think that that's the only thing that will really stick it to 'em (heehee) and NOTHING HAPPENS. For hours... It's now posted. Thus, this comment. It's about this time of day when Daughtry's "Home" starts going thru my head.
Anonymous said…
I love Dory's little swimming song. Get's me through many-a-frustrated time.

And I hear you. It's like I've got amnesia at work--I'm forgetting semi-important stuff too. WTF?

It's just a job. I know, but sometimes man, it's a J-O-B.

Good luck.
Stacey G said…
And then you have to be "professional" about the whole thing! :P

Tulsi would say "let go - it is in the past."
angelq said…
I hope things are going better for you today!
Katie Lady said…
So sorry. I know how that goes.

BTW, you left 'frozen margarita' off of your favorite summer beverage list. That's my favorite, and why I voted for 'other.'
OK - had to come back to this post because I just saw "Finding Nemo" for the first time tonight! I love Dory's swimming song! What a great message that movie has! Keep swimming, cjh! Just keep swimming!

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