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10 Least Favorite Celebrities

Ugh. There are so many... I was just thinking over the weekend that there are very few "classic" Hollywood-types these days.
  1. Paris Hilton--Why won't she go away? And now there have been rumors of her reproducing. Just what we need.
  2. Keanu Reeves--I think he's a terrible actor. Terrible.
  3. Jessica Simpson--I don't care if she's ditsy and uneducated or just pretending to be--both are bad in my book.
  4. Lindsey Lohan--The newest possible lesbian turn she's taking seems like an improvement over the drugs/alcohol/drunk driving fun she's normally up to...
  5. Britney Spears--Not a fan but still am glad no one follows me around with cameras claiming I'm pregnant because I have a little belly bulge occasionally.
  6. Miley Cyrus--I know kids love her. I don't.
  7. The entire cast of High School Musical--See #6.
  8. Tom Cruise--I never would have thought the tide would turn on him--especially if you would have asked me right after Cocktail came out and young cjh's BFF and I were in love with him. Oh, how the crazy is hidden sometimes.
  9. Angelina Jolie--So tired of her. Can't forget her former self and that she stole someone else's husband.
  10. All reality TV "stars" who have stayed past their 15 minutes.


Kimber said…
I don't like Tom Cruise either!
Tuppence said…
Loved reading your list. Matched you on Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, but can understand your reaons for the rest of your list.
Shannon H. said…
I have not followed Miley Cyrus' career and not really interested in it. I have not seen High School Musical nor do I want to.
Angelina is on my list too!

I played too :)
I think many of us feel the same way about Tom Cruise - we used to like him...Top Gun, Jerry McGuire...then he got all weird.

I played, too.
StaceyG said…
Great list! I do like Angelina as an actress though - think she's pretty talented.
Bubba's Sis said…
Good list!! I agree with them all (except Daughter really does like Miley and the HSM kids). I would also add Rosie O'Donnell and any of the Baldwin brothers.
cjh said…
Yes, I think Miley and HSM got added because that's all the girls can talk about when I'm volunteering. The HSM kids may have been rash but I'm sticking with Miley because she just gets on my nerves for some reason.
pjd said…
While I agree on nearly all of your picks on principal, I'll disagree with a few:

Keanu Reeves: He gets a free pass for the first Bill & Ted movie. It was sublime casting when they picked him. Perfect for that role.

Miley Cyrus: I know nothing about her except that a friend of mine is her teacher. I get the sense that she's OK in general and is just wildly successful without (yet) being an abominable head case.

Tom Cruise: As I've said on other 10oT posts, I prefer to remember the young Tom (as I prefer to remember the young Elvis), when he was flying high in Top Gun and making out with Rebecca DeMornay in Risky Business.

Otherwise, spot on. :-) And yes, I think you can count Sanjaya in your #10.
Bubba's Mom said…
Everyone on your list would certainly be on mine - especially Angelina - oh puleeze! Do we think Tom Cruise was weird all along or did he just get weird all of a sudden??
Katie Lady said…
Ooh, good list! I would have liked to do this one, but missed it somehow.

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