10 things--pennsylvania

  1. There was beauty in all the nature that surrounded us. Everywhere. Rural PA is really quite lovely.
  2. The Boyfriend and I got to spend some quality alone time at two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright--Falling Water and Kentuck Knob. Both are amazing today and even more so when you remember how long ago they were conceived and constructed. And, yes, we got to tour their interiors as well.
  3. Even though the weather wasn't the picture of summer (i.e. warm and sunny) at all times, the rain and fog in the mountains took my breath away.
  4. Other than the GPS and very rare phone calls, we didn't use any technology during the trip. No voicemail or e-mail or internet or television. (We did use the stove and A/C and indoor plumbing, etc.) It was refreshing.
  5. I saw real life Amish. In the wild.
  6. We also saw real live elk. I never knew "elk" could be turned into a verb--as in "we went elking." This means driving around looking for them. They are relatively easy to find. Amazing, breathtaking, yada yada. We also saw groundhogs and chipmunks and fireflies.
  7. It was nice to see so many people and places that are important to the SIL and her family.
  8. We got to go out on the boat a few times. Enough one day to get a little sun. And we saw the fireworks from the lake. I like seeing them while on the water. We should do that more often at home.
  9. I marked off #4 on my ballpark list. A post on that still to come...
  10. We made it out to an extended family member's tiny house at "camp." There we enjoyed lovely hospitality as well as grilled sandwiches and hot dogs and SMORES! Food on a stick is awesome.


Bubba's Sis said…
Sounds heavenly! And yes, food on a stick is awesome.
Katie Lady said…
Wow, sounds like a great trip! I think fireworks are best from the water, too.
Cheryl said…
The day you saw the groundhog: did it seem to be repeating over and over?

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