pnc park and the pirates

On July 7th, we drove in to Pittsburgh to see the Astros play the Pirates. It was my first away game. Since I'd experienced the joy of Yankee and Red Sox fans on our home turf (Bubba, I can hear you saying that we don't have turf anymore; we have grass), I was determined to not be an obnoxious fan. And I wasn't. A good time was had by all...except maybe our boys. They lost.

We got there early and stayed the entire game. Our seats were great--8 rows up along the 1st base line. The Pirates fans behind us were very nice. The folks to our left were actually Phillies fans. And the people in front of us were on a 5-stadium bus tour. Seemed fun.

Granted, it was the Astros vs. the Bucs on a Monday night but attendance didn't even hit 14,000.

The first half took forever; it seemed like the battle of the poor pitchers. But it also seemed like we had a shot. In the end, the second half went as quickly as any hopes we had of winning. It ended 7-10.

Some interesting tidbits:
  • The lemonade guy had a very fun yell. And he brought cups of lemonade to sell the way the beer guys normally haul around beer.

  • Speaking of beer guys, one of them was a card. We needed to tip him for his comedy act.

  • Another beer vendor, the Iron City guy, was very nice. When he carded us (yea!) and realized we were from Texas, he welcomed us and told us to just ask if we had any questions.

  • The fans around us were nice--only a few heckles. Not too bad at all.

  • They have pierogy races. They start off on the screen like our Hummers with bobbleheads do. Then they run out on the field. Actual people dressed as pierogies. Who knew?

  • The vendors also bring hot dogs right to you. In warm, little ovens.

  • Their ballpark reminds me of ours. Nice view of downtown. Relatively new. Open air.

  • Beer was only $7.

  • They had really good cheddar and caramel popcorn. I didn't have a dog this time.

  • A teenage kid played the National Anthem on his electric guitar.

  • They shoot off fireworks when the Bucs hit a home run.

  • Unlike our park, they only show the batting order of the offensive team on the big screen. I enjoy seeing both.

  • One foul ball came awfully close to us. No cigar. But I tell you what, if one came any closer I'd freak out--out of excitement and the pressure. If I ever catch one, it will be against all laws of nature.


Bubba's Sis said…
What fun! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Well, except the 'Stros. Ah well. Ya win some ya lose some, right? We still love 'em!
Cheryl said…
I'm glad you had fun...and that you used the word "card" to describe the comic. That's another word you just don't hear enough of these days.

I always love your pics. They're beautiful.

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