10 on tuesday (31)

I haven't done a 10 on Tuesday in quite awhile. Ok, since the end of April. Lately, some of the topics haven't really hit home with me and other times I've just looked up and it was already Wednesday. Oops.

10 Memorable Vacation Moments
  1. Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.

  2. Being only a few feet away from elk in the wild in rural Pennsylvania.

  3. Drinking wine on the porch with The Boyfriend (as described here) in Brenham.

  4. Horseback riding in Mexico with my snarky, biting and sometimes galloping horse.

  5. Dancing till the early morning on our Mexican cruise.

  6. Seeing "O" (my first Cirque show) in Vegas with The Boyfriend.

  7. Whale watching for the first time off of Boston.

  8. Crossing the state line for the first time (to Louisiana) when I was 17. (I know. I was old. We were poor. And who needs to leave Texas?)

  9. The early morning Seattle markets.

  10. Minding our own business in the hotel pool when those Jamaicans started talking to us in Grand Cayman. Also, hanging with sting rays there. And giant turtles. And iguanas.


Tuppence said…
For some reason, what I remember most about the Eiffel Tower is the signs that said to beware of pickpockets. I ended up seeing anyone anywhere near me as a suspect.

Enjoyed reading your list. Sounds like a lot of fun times.
Anonymous said…
You got to chill with stingrays, giant turtles and iguanas?!? Why haven't I heard of this? I love turtles!

-The Boyfriend
Cheryl said…
I think you're more than making up for what you missed those first 17 years. Great list!
Sounds like some fabulous vacations!

I played too :)
Katie Lady said…
Wow, very cool list!
pjd said…
You've been all over since you crossed that state line. I guess once you get out of Texas you realize there's other stuff out there to see, huh? ;-)

Your Mexican Cruise item reminded me that I didn't put my own honeymoon on my T10 list... a cruise out of Los Angeles to Catalina, San Diego, and Ensenada. Yours was a better itinerary, though we had a great time.
mahaus said…
I just did my first 10 on Tuesday on my Blog.

The Brother
Bubba's Sis said…
Swimming with the stingrays in Cayman was one of my most awesome vacation experiences! I didn't do a list, tho - I kinda quit 10 on Tuesday....
angelq said…
Well, Boyfriend, she's obviously keeping it a secret because it puts all your holidays with her to shame. Shame! Shame!

Shush, Jamaican me crazy!

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