10 on tuesday (33)

When I was in college, one of my friends and I were talking about what it was too hot to do. We came up with things like "it's too hot to be pregnant" or "it's too hot to fall down." When you live in Texas it is often too hot to do many things. Here's what you do instead.

10 things to do when it's too hot to go outside
  1. Play the Wii. I've gotten pretty good at Guitar Hero.

  2. Clean the house. Thrilling, I know.

  3. Work on house projects. Lately it's been painting the stairs. If I ever make the last few decisions and actually finish without killing myself, there will be pictures to come.

  4. Sit in front of the computer. Internet. E-mail. Photography.

  5. Wish my house were better insulated. Hand-in-hand with this is wonder how bad my electric bill is going to be.

  6. Drink more. Generally the non-alcoholic kind.

  7. Go shopping. This does, however, require a person to go from the house to the car. Outside. With no air conditioning.

  8. See a movie. You know, this doesn't happen nearly enough.

  9. Sleep in, when possible. I think the heat just really drains you (do I sound like an old person by saying that?).

  10. Go outside anyway. You just wear less clothes. And jewelry. And only open-toed shoes so that you have a really fly flip flop tan by June. If we avoided the heat here, we'd never see daylight for, well, nearly the entire year. There is always the option of becoming nocturnal...


Kimber said…
Becoming nocturnal! LOL Good one. Happy Tuesday!
Patois42 said…
Painting the stairs! You're a better soul than me. I'm sure I'd end up painting myself onto a level without a toilet.
YellowRose said…
I agree with you 100%, the heat does drain you! That is why I try to do as little as possible! ;)

Happy Tuesday!
Erika J. said…
girrrrrrrrrrrl, i know all about needing a better insulated house! i cringe every time i see the power bill envelope in the mail!
Jennifer Coomer said…
At my house my bedroom is the hottest. We cannot figure out why. I agree with you about the insulation.
Jennifer Coomer said…
At my house my bedroom is the hottest. We cannot figure out why. I agree with you about the insulation.
Dawn said…
I hear you about wondering how high your energy bill will be. I'm always curious too.
Sheeshintx said…
LOL, we fellow Texans feel your pain. Great list! Happy Tuesday!
I saw a movie today!

I played too :)
I'm all for going nocturnal. The heat totally zaps me. My thermometer measured 106 at one point today. I melted.

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