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I feel like there should be one but this isn't it. I feel like there should be something thought-provoking (at least to me). But, again, this isn't it. Maybe you'll get something fabulous like that after I'm back from vacation...

The weather this weekend was fabulous. Lately, we've had a series of those rare days where you can drive with the top down and open all the windows without running the heat or air conditioning. Where you can do yard work without feeling like you're going to die. It was awesome. The Fiance mowed the yard (and ditch!) and I cleaned the house and planted some vegetables. We're going to try our hands at some gardening. I also started some seeds last weekend and most of them are springing up now. It's so exciting to do that. There's so much visible progress in the little seedlings in just one day.

Other than that, we mostly just rested and did a few low-key things. It was a good weekend.

My across-the-street neighbor (the shirtless wonder) got married on Saturday. I didn't even know they were engaged (not that we chat that much), but she does seem to be the best in his string of ladies (he wears shirts more now) so congrats to them. They were back home yesterday afternoon and were doing a little yard work. That got me thinking that one day we'll just be married. Crazy stuff. We're not sure where we're honeymooning and are pretty sure we'll have to wait about a week before we can leave, but I guarantee you we will not be working in the yard the next day.

Obligatory wedding planning update:
  • I think we really have someone who is going to marry us.
  • The invitation sample came in and we still both like it.
  • All the Save the Dates are out except one.
  • All the ladies and I have a date for bridesmaid dress shopping.
  • I stumbled into Garden Ridge on Friday and totally scored all the plates and cups we'll need for the reception for half price.
  • A few random internet-ordered items have come in.
  • I ordered part of what we'll need for our favors.
  • I've started a more specific-to-our-wedding To Do list.
  • We narrowed down the engagement announcement pictures to two so hopefully I'll send that out before the month is over.
  • We made progress on what we'd like for Thank You cards.
  • And Hobby Lobby is having a good sale this week so I'm going to take advantage of it today.


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