the dress

I marked two things off the list yesterday. "Attend final dress fitting" and "Pick up dress." The only item I need for my attire is the veil--it's been ordered but allegedly won't be in until MAY! Sheesh, I hope that's an overestimate. Great shoes from DSW, borrowed bustier, jewelry from etsy, and 2 hair accessories made by me. I can't tell you how good it felt to have the bridal shop ladies want a second look at those (especially since I made two for a little more than 1/10th the cost of one you can buy at their store).

I don't think I really wrote much about the dress shopping experience. It took one trip to one store to find it. While many people have told me that I needed to be open-minded with dresses, that they ended up picking something they never would have expected, I knew that wouldn't be the case for me. I had particulars in mind regarding color, fabric, shape, straps vs. no straps. I tried on maybe 6-8 dresses that met the criteria (including a few that were a little different but my mind was open). The dress I ended up picking really is "the" dress. My lovely ladies and I pretty much knew as soon as I tried it on. It looked good, is comfortable, is different from the pretty standard wedding dress, and we all got a little emotional looking at it. Easy decision.

It was ordered back in January. Came in early. I went for my first fitting and then yesterday for the second. The alterations lady did a great job. The bustle seems easy to do and looks great! So now it's living over at The Brother's. I'm pretty sure I'll have to sneak peaks at it whenever I'm over there.


Katie Lady said…
How exciting!!!

I told you the best decisions are the easy ones. ;)

And I got my wedding shoes at DSW, too! Sandals for my July wedding, and it was the best decision EVER! Not that I'll wear them again, but still, it was a fabulous shopping adventure.

That is great!!! So glad you got to mark two items off your list!
cjh said…
I am being traditional about a few things. Keeping the dress a surprise for The Fiance is one of them. Lots of pictures will follow the wedding, I swear.
Yeah! Isn't that the best feeling? My dress was the first one I tried on. Granted, I DID try on others just to confirm, but we all knew. And I still love it to this day, almost 7 (!!) years later.

Can't wait to see the pictures!!!

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