to tide you over while i'm gone

Even though it's a short work and wedding-planning week, I still got some things marked off the list. Yesterday, I ordered my veil. That means I have every piece of attire and accessory needed for the big day. I go in for my second (and hopefully last) fitting on the 25th. I can't wait!

We have someone to marry us. For sure. And he's ok with us writing our own vows. He also mentioned readings for the ceremony which got me to thinking that I hadn't been thinking about them. I've found a few I like.

I received the order for part of our favors. They look good!

I sent out the engagement announcement for the newspaper.

I forgot to mention that I reserved our chairs for the ceremony last week.

I've finished my hair pieces and maybe have finished revamping the garters. I may come up with some fabulous additional idea later, though.

I bought paper for the programs and for those cute little paper flowers I showed you before. Yea for Hobby Lobby sales! And while I was there I also got flower containers for the centerpieces (also on sale). I still need a few more so I'll be stalking Hobby Lobby later today.

We now have 150 days till the wedding, and I have the To Do list down to 109... I think I deserve this vacation.


Katie Lady said…
Good job, woman!

Now, get thee to thy vacation, ASAP!

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