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I look at a lot of wedding websites these days. And read many wedding blogs. All these people post all these ideas (which I love because I steal them and put my own spin on them). But I think, "Will anything be a surprise the day of the wedding? Do the guests even need to attend or will they feel like they've been there, done that before the day even arrives?" That's why I'm not spilling all the beans ahead of time. Here's a little glimpse, though.

I made these for all my ladies. It makes bridesmaid duties official and also gave all the girls everyone else's contact info. Apparently this has already come in handy at least once. This was back at the very beginning when we still thought the wedding would be in the fall.

We finally ordered Save the Date magnets once it appeared that we had a venue and the odds of me having cancer were decreased. The left side has our names and city of the wedding. Sorry about the terrible photograph...perhaps we need to register for a new camera.

The whirlwind of things in my head are finally starting to take shape. How cute are these paper flower? I made them last night. We're going to be using them in some undisclosed way. But I think they're fun and cheap and we can totally do these way ahead of time. I say "way ahead of time" like we have a year to go instead of 5 months and a week.

Those are the projects. I'm also revamping the garters (found them for $3.99 this weekend but they were a bit too much for my taste). Also are reworking my hairpiece because I couldn't find one I loved and it feels crazy to spend $150 on one. I got one for $2.99, bought a few beads, will change it from a clip to a comb and will come in about $140 under bridal store prices.

So I realized a few weeks ago that we're getting married under this:

I mean, I knew there was something decorative above us (very high ceilings) but notice anything about the colors? Green and orange... I picked those colors before we even had a location.

DJ is booked. Spoke to people about rentals. Narrowed photographers down to 6 (from maybe 40).

I'm trying to figure out the engagement announcement photo. It will be in the small, local paper where I grew up. Here are the options I'm leaning towards.

Which one do you like? Please ignore any graininess since I just slapped these up here.


Anonymous said…
that's a really hard pick, but since you're asking us to help narrow it down, i would choose the first one.

Anonymous said…
Well, all of them look different than Mr. Willoughby's back yard so that will make a statement in the Herald Tribune but I like the 3rd one. It is the most different from what is normally in the paper.

The Brother
ndh said…
I vote for three. By the way if you need more sticks you are more than welcome to come and pick as many as your little heart desires from our yard. He he he.
the SIL
I really like the first picture of you and the fiance - it is beautiful! They are all beautiful but I really like pic number one! But, then again, the Brother and SIL have a good point about pic 3 - tough decision. Which ever one you use will be great!
Patois said…
You're on your own in the picking department 'cause I can't choose between #1 and #3.
Katie Lady said…
I love those little cards for the bridesmaids, very cool! You are so crafty. I think the invites should look like THAT! See, to me, that's simple. I got an invitation once that was Cinderella's pumpkin, I shit you not. That is NOT simple.

Love the roses, too.

And I pick the sitting down photo. I like the first one, but it's a bit dark, and I think the second one shows both of your personalities a bit more. Just my 2 cents.
#3 and you're both so adorable! What a cute couple you are :-) Congrats again!
StaceyG said…
I like #1 the most but my second choice is #3.
Laura said…
I vote for #1!
klm said…
okay first of all...totally laughing at The Brother's Willoughby comment!!!

I am voting for the 2nd. I like the way you guys are sitting and I think it will be unique for the little rag too.

Cute flowers!! And if you need help picking up sticks...remember someone will break them in half for you..especially if you are paying on a per stick basis! ;)

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