I've been in Austin the last two days. In addition to listening to great music on the radio, I've enjoyed it because the weather is nice and the trees look like this (and the flowers smell like grape Kool-Aid):

(photo from here)


Those trees are beautiful!!! I cannot wait for Spring to arrive in Michigan and for all my gardens to come back to life! That also means that our second little boy will be very close to arriving! Yay!
Great picture! Thanks for sharing!
Patois said…
Flowers smelling like Kool-Aid. What a great description!
Katie Lady said…
Ooh, I love Wisteria! (That's what it is, right?)

Austin in Spring is great, except my allergies go hay-wire. I'm still jealous, though.
cjh said…
Actually, it's Mountain Laurel. A tree, not a vine.
Owl said…
Yes, Texas Mountain Laurel. An absolutely awesome native. Oh, how I miss those.

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