and i would drive 500 miles

And I would drive 223 more... It was another trip across Texas this week for work. I'm very glad to be home. This concludes my crazy 4 weeks of travel. Instead of celebrating with a dental appointment, I'm on an annoying conference call. Dentist will have to wait (apparently till July 3rd--sheesh). Now begins about another week or two of crazy office time. I'll need to work over this alleged long weekend. I'll need to sift through my now 125-strong inbox backlog. At least I'm home.

I'll also need to be working on invitations this weekend. I bought stamps this morning. Most exciting stamp purchase ever! I have three weeks to get them assembled, addressed, stamped, and out the door. Can you believe it's already time to send invitations? 78 days...

No other big plans for the weekend. You? I imagine we'll end up doing a little yard work. I may do some shopping on Monday (take advantage of those weekend sales). Anyone want to feed me BBQ? Anyone?


Katie Lady said…
I would LOVE to feed you BBQ! However, I doubt you want to come to Big D for it. ;)

Have fun doing the invitations, for some reason that was one of my favorite parts!
Anonymous said…
More culture for me, Queesryche at the House of Blues on Friday and a play at the Alley theater on Saturday.

The Brother
Patois said…
I'll feed you, but you'll have to go a bit farther than 723 miles.

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