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Traveling for work has its perks. Free airline miles. Free hotel stays. Spotting celebrities like this and this.

Today I was leaving out of our more ghetto airport on our bargain airline and who is a few folks ahead of me in line to check in and again at security? Who did I almost bump into when we were both leaving our respective restrooms? This guy.

Keeping it real. I noticed him because he was dressed a little too nice for the ghetto airport. Then I thought, "Hey, I know that guy. Wait... Um, no, I don't. I just recognize him from tv." It's been a long couple of weeks, people.


adc said…
Is it bad that we had American Idol on last night and I'm not sure who that guy in your picture is?

Can you tell how much attention I paid? Can you?!
cjh said…
That's ok since he hasn't been on in awhile. He was top 13 but maybe got booted off around 9-ish. Who remembers...
Patois said…
So glad you didn't go up and say, "Hey, don't I know you?" 'cause you thought he went to high school with you or something. See, you still have got it together.
Jenn said…
In response to unrelated news: can't wait to see your bridals! They're going to be gorgeous! Glad you got it :)

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