brush with fame (again)

It seems like I haven't shared any travel stories in awhile. I guess for the most part things have run smoothly. Lots of delayed flights over the summer but other than that...

Monday night's agenda held yet another trip to Shreveport. I boarded the plane with my book in hand. When the flight attendant turned off the lights, my little personal light wouldn't come on. I was forced to just rest. And, you know, eavesdrop.

The guy behind me was slightly obnoxious. He chatted with the guy next to him, and I found out that he was a cinematographer. He was on his way to Shreveport to do some pre-production work for a new movie called Comeback. It's apparently a feel-good, family film that oddly enough stars Ice Cube and is being directed by Fred Durst (of Limp Bizkit fame). I thought that was odd but apparently Fred's already directed one movie. Who knew?

When we landed and everyone was getting ready to deplane, I noticed that Fred himself was three rows in front of me (on one of those small jets). He turned around, we made eye contact, and then he said hi to one of his crew members. I would never have recognized him if I hadn't been primed. He's shorter than I expected and more trim than I'd last seen him (on tv or in magazines or whatever). And he was dressed very presentable but cool. And had no facial hair. That's the part the threw me. But cute. So yet another brush with fame in the Port of Shreve.

Then I headed to my hotel to check in. Not so much. The hotel was overbooked and two gentlemen who beat me there were also room-less. We all got bumped to the Clarion (which I think is Latin for noisy, old hotel) and got that night comped. One guy didn't have a car so I gave him a ride over. Don't worry; I obviously wasn't kidnapped or anything.

Yesterday after work I made it to my original hotel. The woman at the front desk gave me a hard time joking about the hotel being full. She then mentioned that I did have one of the rooms. I told her I'd just as soon sleep on the couch in the lobby. I'm easy. So she gives me the key and I head off around the corner to the elevator when I hear her calling my name. Apparently they were still cleaning my room. I went to grab some To Go food, came back, and still had a dirty room. I started eating in the main dining room until my room was ready. But, hey, I probably have the nicest room in the Holiday Inn Express. Yeehaw.


Patois42 said…
Fred Durst and the cleanest room in a Holiday Inn Express? All in one trip? Woo-hoo.
angelq said…
So, what did you do today that you justified by saying, "Oh, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express."
Maybe Fred got your room and that's why you were booted. And maybe Fred trashed it so that's why it wasn't ready for you.

I had no idea Shreveport was such a popular travel destination!

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