10 on tuesday (28)

10 Best Games

The prompt said we could pick any types of games. I'm being diverse. Sort of...
  1. Phase 10: Card game introduced to me by one of my adoptive families. I've bought it since then and have spread it around a bit myself. We played a rousing game on Sunday.
  2. Area 51: Video game. Shootin' up aliens. We played this A LOT in college. If I were a freaky millionaire you could probably find this game in one of the many rooms of my mansion.
  3. Boggle: Love Boggle. The Brother bought it for me after we watched an episode of "King of the Hill" where Peggy won the championship with "acquaintanceship."
  4. Dominoes: Good ol' bones. It's a Texas thang.
  5. Domain: I bet no one has heard of this game. I don't even know where it came from but I could always beat The Brother at it.
  6. Life: Too bad no one ever wanted to play it with me when I was growing up...
  7. Taboo: Why don't I own this?
  8. Scattergories: Or this?
  9. Wii: This is new to me. Normally I'm not a fan of video games but this is different. You can actually stand up and play. And move your arms. It seems less sedentary. A gaming system that can leave you sore the next day? I guess I can get behind that.
  10. Frisbee golf: Mentioned it before. The weather hasn't been good for it lately. I wonder if they have it for the Wii.


Nino said…
Area 51 - Love that game at the arcades! Time Crisis II is fun team game, too.
angelq said…
Love Phase 10. It can take for.ever. though.
Yano said…
Here ya go: http://weboggle.shackworks.com/

I'm an enabler!
Patois said…
It's high time I go for Boggle. There's a Christmas gift for the family if ever there's been one. Great list.
Sonya said…
Love Phase 10 and Scattergories! Never heard of Area 51 so now I'm on a mission!
Anonymous said…

The Brother

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