10 on tuesday (25)

10 Songs that Bring Back Memories

  1. Fall by Clay Walker--Does it matter that the memories are recent ones? This song makes me think of my brother and his fiance.

  2. Drops of Jupiter by Train--Ah, easier period of my life during grad school. I had responsibilities but, still, fewer than now. And an easier schedule. And a cute German. I also think of another college friend because it says the word "atmosphere."

  3. I Loved Her First by Heartland--Takes me to my cousin's wedding. Makes me freakishly emotional. That was the first time I had heard that song. My cousin's wife (who also lost her father at a young age) was standing across the dancefloor from me. I was tearing up anyway but when I looked across and saw her already really crying, I lost it as well.

  4. I'll Be There for You by Bon Jovi--Jr. High dances. The "super couple" from the grade ahead of me whom everyone wanted to be.

  5. Kokomo by The Beach Boys--The movie Cocktail. That my best friend from kindergarten thru early high school had the movie poster on her wall. That we listened to it endlessly while dreaming about pre-crazy Tom Cruise.

  6. Ice, Ice Baby by none other than Vanilla Ice--Same best friend. That we listened to music on tape. That we wanted to know all the words to the song. We were white but so was he. We could do it, right? Yes, but only if we started and stopped the tape about a million times.

  7. Any song from the late-at-night love song mix on our local cheesy radio station--When the mood is right (or wrong, as the case may be), I remember that first night after Mom died. I needed noise so I had that radio station on. I didn't sleep at all.

  8. Beautiful by James Blunt--Now makes me think of my friend's daughter's funeral. At least I can hear it without crying. At the time, I wasn't so sure I'd be able to...

  9. Long December by Counting Crows--Sheesh, this song takes me to a couple places. One was the time immediately before Mom died. I was oddly optimistic about a potential relationship that could start up when I got back to college (after the Christmas break in, you guessed it, December). "A long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last." After Mom died, I was a little pissed at the song. The other time I go back to is also tied to a relationship. Better than the other but still a little mixed. Love those Counting Crows but this song gets me a bit emotional sometimes.

  10. Hero by Enrique Iglesias--9-11. Our local radio station did a mix using this song where they inserted soundbites of people's reactions and the buildings falling, etc. The song hadn't really been released yet so this was my first taste of it. I don't think I'll ever be able to hear it without thinking of that day.


Bubba's Sis said…
What a great list! I'm laughing at the Vanilla Ice thing because I would totally do that, too - thank goodness we now have SongLyrics.com to look up those crazy words we can't understand!
km said…
Okay, so who was the "super couple" in my grade that you wanted to be like? Racking my brain over here...In Jr. High I would go with DS and KB...and in high school...a few come to mind.
Patois said…
Oh, rewinding a tape dozens and dozens of times to get the lyrics. Yeah, Bubba's Sis is right: thank God for the Internet!
cjh said…
TH and JJ(was it C or K?).
Anonymous said…
do you know what became of the "super couple"?

cjh said…
Married with children, right km? Happily? Who knows... Regardless, glad I'm me and not them.
Crimson Wife said…
The song that always reminds me of 9/11 is Lee Greenwood's "I'm Proud to be an American". Before then, I'd honestly found it a bit on the cheesy side but it took on new meaning after the attacks.
Irishcoda said…
Enjoyed reading your list although I was beginning to think I wouldn't recognize any of the songs but I did!
samantha jo campen said…
Now I have all those songs in my head.

The song that reminds me of 9-11 is Faith Hill's "There Will Come A Day" because our radio station played that mixed with news events of that day.

I still cry.
km said…
Aaaahhh... TH an J"K". I was trying to figure out two people both in my class.

And yes they are married. Guessing they are happy. And they have two girls. The littlest looks just like TH.

But if you were TH you could be married in to my family. I would like that. :) But I don't really see JK as being your type by any means so yes, you are better off as you.

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