10 on tuesday (thanksgiving edition)

A day late... No time for blogging yesterday.

10 Things for Which I'm Thankful
  1. My family. The one I was born into. The ones who have taken me in.
  2. All my friends. The ones near and far. The ones I see and talk to on a regular basis. The ones who linger in my background as I linger in theirs until we're needed.
  3. The Boyfriend. The one who has come to mean so much to me in so short a time.
  4. My health.
  5. My house (despite it being welcoming to all sorts of mammals and poultry--more on this later).
  6. My job.
  7. House shoes (hey, it's cold in here).
  8. My mind. Even though it seems like lately I misplace it a bunch.
  9. Having only a week until vacation.
  10. That my life is so full right now that my biggest complaint is how to juggle it all.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Patois said…
Lots to be thankful for, indeed.
samantha jo campen said…
Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!
StaceyG said…
I hope you had a fabulous one, too!

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