10 on tuesday (26)

10 Reasons Why It's Great to Be a Woman
  1. We get to wear make-up. When you have a bad skin day, you can hide it to some degree. Poor boys. So socially unacceptable.

  2. We have tons of clothing options. Have you ever noticed that men have maybe 4 shirt options? Go to a men's department--long-sleeved button downs, short-sleeved button downs, polos, t-shirts.

  3. It's acceptable (in many jobs) for us to wear open-toed shoes to work. One of my old co-workers (the only male) was very disturbed by this. Why couldn't he wear sandals?

  4. We have fantastic relationships with other women. We can have good relationships with men, too, but it's something special with girlfriends. Whatever we're going through, there's always someone there who understands. Or doesn't. But she's there anyway.

  5. We can have babies.

  6. When we have those babies, we can either choose to work or stay home (if we're lucky). Society frowns upon the SAHD much more than the SAHM.

  7. We can cry. Without worrying that the general public thinks we're sissies.

  8. We can enjoy hobbies that are traditionally associated with the opposite gender and people think we're worldly instead of weird.

  9. No matter how much progress, men are still expected to take the lead sometimes. I appreciate those times when I'm not having to bear the entire burden.

  10. If we don't shave, we can just wear pants.


Patois said…
You have such great reasons listed. I love #8 and #10!
Yano said…
Another thing about work-clothes - If it's hot, then it's OK for a woman to wear something that might be sleeveless. Not the same for guys!
Eddie said…
And we can wear shorts to work! Those dressy shorts! Men look silly in trouser shorts, teehee.
Anonymous said…
Very well put! Yeay for being a woman!!

Bubba's Sis said…
OK, I never finished my list so I copped out and went with the alternate list, but I SO had #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #10 on my list! That WAS my list.

I love your #8 - a very good observation. So true.
Katie Lady said…
I didn't do my list this week, so I'm going to add to yours.

Hormones, baby! You can blame pretty much anything on your hormones. And men can't say ANYTHING! What are they going to do? Disagree? Oh, silly is the man who disagrees with a hormonal woman....
StaceyG said…
That's a fabulous list!!!

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