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I'm feeling a little puny today. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that this is what my side-of-the-driveway bed looks like (and that it should totally be my project for today):

Do you think this looks good? Well, it doesn't. It looks crazy and overgrown and like a third of my driveway is missing. Oh, and like it's getting difficult to get into and out of cars. This picture is from maybe two weeks ago. Today? Because it's fall and all? Full of blooming hibiscus. At least that and the bees and butterflies may distract one from the horrible amount of work that needs to be done. Yeah, it doesn't distract me either.

So the week before last when it actually was feeling like fall and I wasn't sitting here in the office in shorts and a tank, this was the view from my window.

Yeah, those are blooming pink flowers and a white picket fence and a freshly mown yard. This is pretty. I'm ok with you thinking that. It also contributed to my totally content feeling that was this post.

The room formerly known as the purple room that is now the yellow room has had a few updates. It now has a real bed with a headboard and footboard. This was my parents' bed. It was given to them by my dad's parents. And the second picture is of the empty space that was previously holding boxes. How about that? I've only lived here 11 months. No more boxes.

Last weekend I finally finished painting my bedroom. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be in terms of difficulty and sucking up paint but it certainly wasn't the easiest room either. I'm a pretty clean painter. Not this time. Almost every surface had me working against gravity. Regardless, I'm very pleased with the results. A too-brown sage green to a cooler grayish blue. You'll just have to trust me that it looks good. Brighter. Airier. The pictures don't convey the change as well as I wish they did. In progress, before, after, before, after, etc. Oh, you can also see the difference in my gel-stained furniture. The new bed was a garage sale find from my neighbor that my brother and I got ahold of, the current bedspread is the summer-weight one, and the big blue chair is upstairs now.

Hey, I just realized I've never shown you my bedroom before. Go figure. Welcome.


Katie Lady said…
Looks great!

So, you don't want to trim your hedge because it's blooming?
Patois said…
I sit (at my computer) in awe of your prowess. I hang my head in shame.
cjh said…
No, I didn't want to trim or weed because I felt sickly. That, and it's not my favorite task. Although when it's done there is that huge sense of accomplishment.

angelq said…
Lookin' good. And the boxes? Still in my house despite the three years' residence. So sad.
km said…
1. bedroom looks fabulous!!! What did you do with the window seat in the nook?

2. I have decided I will always have boxes. I cannot win :( And oddly enough when i was going thru some this weekend i thought about you and how you have none! i want to be you!!!

3. Get the BF to do the hedge work. :)
Bubba's Sis said…
Love love LOVE your house. Have I mentioned that before? Hmmm...
StaceyG said…
It really does look great! I am SO glad you decided to buy your dream house...

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