my job is great: reason #83

When you've been gone so much that you just realized yesterday that you can't work in the yard after you get off at 5:00 (since, duh, the time changed), you can mix up your schedule today. Work work can get done when it's dark outside. This stuff can't. It's called "progress" people. Just a tiny bit of it this morning... (Yes, that's a gate...where was it before?)


Anonymous said…
wow, I had forgotten that gate was there
The Brother
angelq said…
Can I add that to my list of reasons I don't like my job? There's no mixin' it up. Bummer. Except it would be more like reason #383.
Eddie said…
Wow! What a tranformation! Nice work.
km said…
Yippie for you! Looks gooooood!

And no way..the gate was in the shrubs?
StaceyG said…
Whoa!! Good job!

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